Warriors A Starless Clan River Book

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Warriors A Starless Clan River Book. #1.

The #1 bestselling Warriors series by Erin Hunter is back with a brand-new adventure!

They've always followed the rules, but they'll have to adapt if they want to retain the peace.

The Clans are about to enter a new era. As leaders from all five Clans agree that the Warrior Code needs to be renewed, a new generation of warriors arises - one wrestling with the heritage of his great ancestor Firestar, another attempting to protect her troubled Clan, and another yet aspiring to be a medicine cat.

However, when tragedy strikes RiverClan, old fears will resurface, jeopardising the new harmony... Unless the approaching storm can be calmed by these three young kittens?

This seventh volume of the legendary Warriors series is packed with action, intrigue, and adventure. For new readers, the first book is the ideal place to start, but seasoned readers will find out what events unfurl following those of the Broken Code.  

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