Bundle of 3 - Mini Collector Figures (Series 2)

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Sandstorm and Ravenpaw

Proud and fierce Sandstorm doubted Firestar when he first joined ThunderClan – but once he earned her respect, and her love, she stood firmly by his side. And even though Ravenpaw fled ThunderClan in terror to avoid Tigerclaw’s wrath, he never forgot his loyalty to the friends he left behind, and offered them help whenever they needed it. 

Cinderpelt and Brightheart

This pair of ThunderClan sisters have both triumphed after formidable challenges. Cinderpelt’s dreams of becoming a warrior were dashed the day she broke her leg, but she excelled in her new role as a medicine cat. Meanwhile, Brightheart’s determination to prove herself a great warrior almost came at the cost of her life – though she too would overcome her injuries and earn a place of honor in the Clan. 

Blackstar and Jayfeather

Though radically different in many ways, these toms both served their Clans in moments of dire need. Although Blackstar did the bidding of ShadowClan’s cruellest leaders, when he came to power, he restored ShadowClan’s honor and nobility. And when Jayfeather learned of the prophecy that promised a power greater than StarClan, he set off to save the Clans from darkness - with the help of a certain ancient stick.

3D figurines : 2 ¾” (7cm) tall

Not suitable for children under 3 years old.