Bundle of 3 - Mini Collector Figures (Series 4)

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Bundle of 3 - Mini Collector Figures (Series 4). Collect all 3!

Mothwing and Hawkfrost

Tigerstar’s second litter with the loner Sasha were never going to have an easy time in the Clans. Though she lacked her Clanmates’ faith in StarClan, Mothwing rose to the challenge of proving herself a worthy Clanmate and medicine cat. Her brother Hawkfrost chose a darker path, eventually leading to an epic showdown by the lake where blood spilled blood.

Crookedstar and Mapleshade 

Few who knew the noble RiverClan leader in life could have ever guessed the dark shadow that haunted his every step. Mapleshade faced betrayal and heartbreak in her life, and the burning need to make everyone else feel her pain followed her even beyond death. Crookedstar spent much of his life being swayed by Mapleshade’s vengeful spirit, but once he realized the darkness behind her words, he turned away from her and focused on leading his Clan.

Bluestar and Darkstripe

These two ThunderClan cats from the Prophecies Begin arc represent two radically different paths that cats from the same Clan can take. Bluestar overcame countless losses and overpowering grief in order to become the noble leader her Clan needed her to be. Darkstripe chose loyalty to his dark-hearted mentor over loyalty to his Clan, ultimately leading to his ruin.

3D figurines : 2 ¾” (7cm) tall.

Not suitable for children under 3 years old.