Mudclaw and Ashfur - Mini Collector Figures (Series 3)

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Mudclaw and Ashfur - Mini Collector Figures (Series 3). These two cats could tell quite a tale of the dangers of bitterness. After serving for moons as a loyal deputy of WindClan, Mudclaw felt cheated when his chance to lead was stolen from him with Tallstar’s dying breath. He convinced himself that his replacement, Onewhisker, was too dangerously naïve to be the leader WindClan needed, and led a rebellion to overthrow him. After dying during the battle, Mudclaw realized how wrong he’d been to rise against his own Clanmate, and made his peace with Onewhisker and Tallstar. Ashfur, on the other hand, allowed his bitterness against Squirrelflight for refusing to return his love to consume him entirely, turning him into one of the most dangerous adversaries the Clans have ever faced. In life, he attempted to murder Squirrelflight’s kits in a fire and succeeded in claiming one of Firestar’s through Hawkfrost’s fox trap, but the true danger he posed didn’t become apparent until after his death, when Bramblestar lost his first life and Ashfur took over his body.


3D figurines : approximately 2 ¾” (7cm) tall.