SET OF 3 LARGE PLUSH - Jayfeather, Graystripe and Firestar

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¥860.00 CNY

Own all three while stocks last:

GRAYSTRIPE: Star of his own manga trilogy, Graystripe is one of the most beloved characters in the Warrior Cats series, and now there’s a plush to celebrate! The Graystripe large plush includes the ThunderClan cat’s distinctive stripe of dark gry fur and a special clan symbol on his paw.

Measuring approximately 35cm in length, the plush is super-soft and the perfect addition to your cat collection. 

JAYFEATHER: The original winner of our first ‘Pick a Plush’ poll, ThunderClan’s grumpy medicine cat is a large plush that you’ll want to get your claws into.

Complete with a special clan symbol on his paw and a striking scar on his back, the plush depicts Jayfeather’s blindness with absent pupils, and is approximately 35cm in length.

FIRESTAR: A special surprise for all Warrior Cats fans, meet our large plush Firestar! When fans voted to have their favourite cat characters made into a large plush, we knew we couldn’t forget about the very first cat we met in the Warrior Cats series, so we created a third large plush to go with Jayfeather and Graystripe.

Complete with his mesmerising green eyes and vibrant orange coat, Firestar comes with a special clan symbol on his paw and measures approximately 35cm in length.