Squirrelflight & Scourge - Mini Collector Figures (Series 3)

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Squirrelflight & Scourge - Mini Collector Figures (Series 3). Though these two share kinship ties through Firestar, the turns their lives took couldn’t be more different. As a young kittypet, young Tiny was tormented by his littermates, and when he dared to venture beyond his own garden, he suffered a vicious assault from ThunderClan apprentice Tigerpaw. Tiny, now calling himself Scourge, allowed his bitterness at the world to grow and fester like ice inside of him, forming BloodClan from the vicious rogues of Twolegplace and ruling over them with an iron paw, waiting for the chance to pay back Tigerstar’s early viciousness with blood. Meanwhile, Squirrelflight grew up safe and loved within the safety of ThunderClan’s camp, and her bond with her only sister was one of the closest and most loving any cat could ever hope for. Her boundless courage and enthusiasm led her to becoming one of the cats to lead the Clans to their new home, and while her fierce loyalty to her sister would came to test her in ways she never could have imagined, she has proved her devotion to her Clan and her family beyond any doubt.


3D figurines : approximately 2 ¾” (7cm) tall.