Yellowfang & Ivypool - Mini Collector Figures (Series 3)

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¥96.00 CNY

Yellowfang & Ivypool - Mini Collector Figures (Series 3). Few cats have faced such darkness and danger as these courageous she-cats. Yellowfang’s secret affair with Raggedstar brought into the world one of the cruellest leaders the forest has ever known, forcing this brave, long-suffering she-cat to blind, and later kill, her own son to save the forest. While her time in ShadowClan ended in horror and suffering, she eventually found peace in ThunderClan, and a new son in the brave and noble Firestar. Meanwhile, Ivypool’s resentment of her sister brought her to the Dark Forest, where Hawkfrost preyed on her insecurities to tempt her into training with him. Once she realized the true intentions of her Dark Forest mentors, she turned spy for the Clans, risking her life among murderers and traitors every night in order to learn valuable information for the battle to come.


3D figurines : approximately 2 ¾” (7cm) tall.